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iPhone, Therefore iWait!

June 29, 2007 by Glenn R. Cochran

We'll, I managed to pick up my new iPhone this evening at the Apple store at the Stanford Shopping Center and the whole experience was completely uneventful. I jumped into the shorter-than-expected line at 7:16 PM and had the device in my hot little hand by 7:57 PM. Well done Apple! Now, for the big bummer; I'm still waiting on AT&T to activate my device.

The drive home was short, the removal of the iPhone from its beautiful packaging was easy, and connecting it to iTunes just worked on my Mac Book Pro. The registration process seemed quick and dirty at first too, but it turns out the device can't actually be activated instantly by AT&T.

After calling the 1-877-419-4500 number my call was answered in a reasonable amount of time where a very cheerful customer service representative explained that I just needed to wait a bit longer. She couldn't actually tell me how long I'd need to wait but stated that she'd spoken with other disappointed customers who had already waited over six (6) hours at this point.

Was is not 100% obvious to AT&T that the entire planet would be rushing out to purchase these devices today with the not unreasonable expectation they'd be able to activate them immediately? I suppose the new AT&T isn't much different than the old really. Same underwhelming customer service as before only this time they actually outsmarted the customers. Sending you home to do their dirty work rather than dealing with you face-to-face in their retail stores is an amazing plan.

I'm hoping that my iPhone will be activated soon so I can begin posting about all the things i love about it. For now, I'm off to play Xbox 360 and wait. How sad really!

iPhone, therefore iWait!


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