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iPhone Activated: Working Well...

June 29, 2007 by Glenn R. Cochran

Perhaps my last post was a bit premature. Only about an hour after my last post and now my new iPhone is activated and working well. Thanks AT&T! Apparently the system had a little trouble at first and once the super smart IT guy on the backend kicked the server the problem seems to have been rectified.

The activation process in iTunes is a bit lacking in features, however, even that didn't matter. I was initially assigned a phone number in my home area code of 650 and when I called AT&T to request a 408 number instead they instantly changed it over. All I had to do was turn the phone off and back on again and it worked perfectly after starting back up almost instantly.

As I learn to use the device I'll be posting more updates. For now, I'm happy and things seem to be working well.


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